Fund of Ideas



Fund of Ideas is a non-for-profit communication center, which facilitates productive dialogue among civil society, business and government. This cross-sectoral partnership scheme is based on the idea of social responsibility of the three sectors – corporate social responsibility, responsible government and responsible society.

Fund of Ideas was founded in May, 2011.


The Mission of the Fund of Ideas is to facilitate positive changes in Belarusian society, in which citizens, business and government take responsibility and work together to address societal issues.

To achieve its Mission, Fund of Ideas works in the following priority areas:

  • promotes principles of Corporate Social Responsibility among Belarusian businesses;
  • aids civic initiatives, supports the development of local communities and assists government social projects;
  • contributes to the growth of the socially active media and stimulates media coverage of socially important projects, which are implemented in the framework of cross-sectoral partnership;
  • supports advocacy activities to introduce changes in the legislation of charity, philanthropy and volunteering;
  • initiates and mentors projects in the field of culture, education, sports and environment;
  • carries out educational programs for representatives of civil society, media and business;
  • implements international cooperation programs.

Results of work

2 500 000 PEOPLE

Fund of Ideas successfully contributed to the widening of civic space in Minsk. Since its inception, Fund of Ideas, supported by BelVEB Bank, Velcom, Heiniken and other business partners, organized over 20 public events which were attended by more than 2.5 million people. Jazz Saturdays, Artist and the City, Classical Music by the Town Hall projects have already become a tradition and a business card of summer Minsk.


Fund of Ideas facilitated a substantial increase of attention by the society, business and government to the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). To name only few examples, Fund of Ideas established the annual CSR Awards Ceremony to celebrate best CSR projects by Belarusian business companies; organized four annual international CSR Forums and over 80 business breakfasts, round table discussions, workshops and other events dedicated to CSR.


Over the course of 3 years media published 653 unique materials covering CSR issues. Since the establishment of Fund of Ideas in 2011, media coverage of CSR grew almost 170 times.


Over 40 media outlets joint the Fund’s Socially Responsible Media initiative. These media are committed to cover news about social projects by business and NGO free of charge.

56 CSOs

Educational programs of Fund of Ideas allowed nearly sixty Belarusian CSOs to receive knowledge in the field of communication and collaboration with media and socially-oriented business companies, and to establish new contacts in media and business sectors.


Fund of Ideas’ initiatives made it possible for Minsk residents to show more responsibility – a movement of almost 80 volunteers contributed to our education events and became a real example for others.


Through Fund of Ideas’ activities over 50 children with disabilities received new knowledge and skills, which will help them with future employment and adaptation.


Fund of Ideas is the only non-profit organization which annually conducts CSR-related studies and surveys, and makes them widely available for discussion.